BEKA ONE single point lubrication

Less maintenance, improved efficiency and lower costs.

Beka One
The BEKA ONE is an electromechanical lubricator designed to supply lubricant to single lubrication points. The BEKA ONE is the ideal solution to supply lubricant in a safe, precise and reliable way. The lubricators can be mounted on the lubrication point directly or remote.
Ensures reliable lubrication for 1 up to 24 months per filling. The best part is, the system can be refilled as often as needed. Due to the exchangeable batteries, there’s a one-time acquisition for the BEKA ONE.
There are two versions of the BEKA ONE, one with a grease cartridge and one with a refillable reservoir. Whether you need to lubricate with oil or grease, the BEKA ONE can do it. It’s an environmental friendly and economical solution, easy to install wherever lubrication is necessary.
• Works with batteries, no special battery pack necessary
• Operating pressure of max. 20 bar
• Suitable for oil and grease
• Remote mounting up to 10 meters
• Can be used wherever there are lubrication points

1. Magnetic cap
2. Protective cover
3. Grease cartridge
4. Lubricant reservoir
5. Batteries
6. Activation zone
7. Indication LEDs
8. Outlet