Drum Groat Cutter TGS

For producing uniform groats from oats, barley, rye, spelt and wheat with a very low percentage of flour.


SCHULE drum groat cutter meets the high requirements, With proceeding development of breakfast and particularly oat products, both baby flakes and quick cooking flakes are becoming increasingly important. For this purpose, uniform and precisely cut grain kernels are required.

bucket tgs

  • Higher capacity, due to new develop of the cutting device
  • Newly designed precision knife basket without wedges
  • Rapid change of the knives
  • Longer life time of the knives
  • Newly designed knife holder (basket and frame)
  • More uniform cutting quality of the grain kernels
  • Less cutting flour
  • Optimized aspiration
  • Fully enclosed design (encapsulated)
  • Easy maintenance