Flaking mill

The essential features to make good quality flakes are found back in the design of the SCHULE flaker
Flaking mill

In order to produce flakes, you will need – apart from a steamer and a tempering bin – one thing above all: a flaking mill which shapes the moistened and heated grains as desired.

Via a feed roller, the product is fed uniformly to the two flaking rolls adjusted parallel to each other with a gap, which corresponds to the desired flake thickness. A cooling and heating device for the rolls offers the opportunity to flake also products which can only be flaked at certain temperatures.

Scrapers below the rolls avoid unwanted product adhesions. The flakes are discharged directly below the flaking rolls and are conveyed to a fluidised bed drier.

  • Both rolls are running parallel
  • Very robust welded construction, so that vibration is reduced at a minimum
  • Even repartition of the product on the complete roll length, in order to have a uniform flake thickness over the complete length of the roll
  • Over dimensioned roll bearings guarantee a minimum of vibration, long lifetime and minimum of noise level
  • Robust construction of the flaking rolls, made out of special casted steel
  • Hot pressed shaft ends, with continuous shaft, for a perfect heath conduction
  • Good accessibility on all wear parts for a quick and easy maintenance