Vibration air separator AirVibe

New ways in the processing and separation in the recycling industry.
Vibration air separator AirVibe

Air Separator provides a coarse separation of inhomogeneous, mostly dry recycling material with a maximum particle size of 300 mm (12 inches). The material mix is separated by different densities, shapes and surface characteristics into the desired product groups. The unique combination of multistage ballistic and cross flow air separation ensures a very high degree of separation. This opens up new ways in the processing and separation in the recycling industry.




  • Very high degree of separation
  • Higher throughput capacity
  • Throughput capacity at glass waste between 10 and 15 t/h, depending the material composition and purity


  • Household and Industrial Waste
  • Construction Waste
  • Glass
  • Substitute Fuel


  • Separation of the material into several fractions
  • Vibratory feeder for infeed material
  • For most products total or partial recirculation of the air possible without adding an expensive bag house
  • Reducing investment and operating costs significantly
  • Dual stage finger screens on the heavy material fraction side; especially for glass recycling
  • Multi stage chain curtain for the separation of fines particles from recirculating air flow
  • Integrated centrifugal fines separator