Pellet press with flat die

For compound feed, dried forage, dried beet pulp, straw, wood, biomass and other reproducible raw materials.

Pellet Mill

For decades, KAHL pelleting mills and plants have been applied successfully for compacting organic products of different particle sizes, moisture contents and bulk densities.
The products are pressed through a die by pan grinder rollers, formed into endless strands, and then cut to the desired particle length by means of knives.
We are constantly developing our machines in order to improve their capacities and economic efficiency. KAHL pelleting presses are particularly appropriate for products which are difficult to pellet.


  • The product is fed by gravity. The large pelleting chamber avoids blockings.
  • The low roller speed of approximately 2.5 m/s ensures a good deaeration of the product.
  • As a result of the low speed, the press noise is below 70 dbA.
  • The thick product layer between the pan grinder rollers and the large die surface results in a high throughput, even in case of products which are difficult to pellet.
  • The roller gap can be adjusted during operation, thus the pellet quality can be controlled.
  • Permanently lubricated roller bearings with special seals prevent the product being pelleted from contamination by lubricating grease as well as grease losses.
  • Quick die changing increases the availability of the complete plant.
  • Moisture variations in the product are permissible.
  • Mixtures with high levels of fat and molasses can be effectively pelleted.
  • Each pelleting press is tested before supply under full-load simulation.