Mobile wagon unloading

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Mobile wagon unloading

Mobile wagon unloading overview

What is the easy and economical way of emptying railway wagons?

You are absolutely right: Mobile Wagon Unloading!
Hooked up to the bottom of the wagon, bulk materials can be reloaded anywhere and right on site – into silo trucks,
containers, big bags or bags.

This way, not only does the wagon move up to the conveyor, but the conveyor also comes to the wagon. This saves
time, costs, quite a bit of hassle and it is suitable for almost every bulk material. And who knows what you and your
bulk material need better than the professionals at Schrage.


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  • Versatile conveyor system with high stability and operational reliability
  • Reduces personnel cost due to short reloading times
  • Compact and space-saving design
  • Moveable on castors, rails or by lift truck
  • Readily available conveyor system – all you need is a power outlet
  • Also perfect for abrasive, toxic or chemically aggressive bulk materials
  • Weather-resistant and temperature-resistant conveyor system