Extruder OEE

Flexible shaping for different products
Amandus Kahl Extruder OEE They are an important factor for high-quality and hygienic feed production. Especially in the production of fish feed, extruders are widely used. The extruder is also an ideal machine for the petfood and food industry, for example for the production of breakfast cereals.
The extruder OEE NG (New Generation) comes in three different machine sizes covering an output range of up to 10 t/h in large-scale industrial applications.
  • Starch modification of 80 to 90 % acc. to the aminoglycosides method (AMG).
  • High water-binding ability of 200 to 300 %.
  • Dimensionally stable pellets at high water content, e.g. if the pellets are to be soaked for increasing the water consumption of the animals.
  • Bulk density: 350 to 450 g/l.
  • Different product shapes, e.g. round, oval, cloverleaf, bone etc.
  • Pellets without fines.
  • High fat contents of 20 – 30 % for high-energy feed possible.