Central lubrication systems

Groeneveld-BEKA group is a leading manufacturer of automatic maintenance systems.

Central lubrication systems


Groeneveld-BEKA group supplies automatic central lubrication systems for many industrial applications.

Centralized lubrication systems for industrial applications
Groeneveld-BEKA develops and produces industrial lubrication systems of all kinds, like single line systems, multi line systems, progressive systems, dual line systems, oil circulating systems and oil/air systems. A large range of gear pumps completes this comprehensive program

Centralized lubrication systems for mobile applications
The BEKA-MAX product range has been developed for all mobile applications. All products are designed with the durability required for harsh environment found on trucks, agricultural and construction machinery. These progressive systems are designed to handle standard grease.

Wheel flange lubrication and rail head maintenance system
With rail vehicles, wear on the wheels and the rail itself is a major problem together with the noise generated. The application of a FluidLub system using thixotropic lubricating media with a high solids content represents the solution to these problems.

Central lubrication system and dry belt lubrication
The FoodLine product group fulfills all the requirement for centralized lubrication systems in the packaging and filling industry, Innovative dry belt lube system put an end to high water consumption, hygienic problems and damaged packings.

Lubrication systems for wind converters
Wind converters are subject to high mechanical loads. They have to work with absolute reliability. Breakdown  due to lack of lubrication is an avoidable failure. Without automatically maintenance system these high demands can hardly be fulfilled.

Lubrication systems for the saw mills and wood yards
BEKA-wood central lubrication systems supply the running machine steadily with fresh lubrication. Even hardly accessible lube points will not be forgotten. Working safety increase as no more lubrication works will be done inside the danger zone.