Bucket elevator

NERAK continuous and pendulum bucket conveyors for the combined horizontal
Bucket elevator
Continuous bucket elevator are specially designed to convey bulk materials from one or more feed points to a central discharge. the conveying paths can be horizontal, vertical or inclining without any additional transfers.
Careful handling without product separation together with quiet running enable NERAK conveyors to be used for all bulk materials – from delicate foodstuffs to abrasive and coarse building materials.


As with the continuous bucket conveyor, the product is fed into the moving bucket belt at a controlled rate. At the end of the conveyor the buckets are emptied by tilting mechanisms that are pneumatically or electromechanically controlled.
The well developed system, in particular the sturdy design of the bucket belt make it ideal for the widest range of applications, from careful handling of delicate foodstuffs to the transport of abrasive coarse material as used in heavy industry. Low power consumption and great flexibility are the distinguishing features of the system.