Shelling machine VERTICONE

The new shelling concept
Verticone VPC320
The shelling machine in the mill causes a reduction of the surface shell (bran), if possible without affecting the aleurone layer. The gentle and controlled shelling with the SCHULE shelling machine VPC does not only increase the capacity and save energy, but the first coarse meal passages also have a lower bran content. Furthermore, the percentage of high-quality semolina is increased.
  • Controlled shelling due to the conical shelling principle which is linearly adjustable for all types of cereals
  • Pre-shelling in flour meals
  • Mycotoxin treatment, reduction of DON
  • Higher quality of coarse meals
  • Higher yields of light flour and semolina
  • Higher mill capacity
  • Capacity of up to 16 t/h
  • Drive power of up to 90 kW
  • Compatible with PLC
  • Tried and tested