Table separator TH3

Table separators are always used for the improvement of quality of the finished product.
Table separator TH3
Well known established mechanical methods, such as various types of sieves, blowers or aspirators, fail to separate different materials of nearly equal size, shape and almost equal specific gravity, then the SCHULE table separator is the all embracing answer to the problem.
The separation principle is simple yet ingenious. Via an inlet trough, the product is distributed uniformly into the compartments of the table separator. Due to a uniform lifting motion with continuous change of direction, there is a layering effect of the product within the compartments. The product with a lower specific weight floats and is transported by the specific vignette geometry of the compartments to one of the two product outlets. Simultaneously, the product with a higher specific weight leaves the machine through the second outlet.
  • All-steel construction
  • New design of feeding trough
  • Drop channels with large cross sectional area for uniform feeding of all compartments
  • Three-point stroke adjustment
  • Fine adjustment of table inclination
  • Precise longitudinal table guide
  • Speed regulation by frequency converter
  • Exceptionally smooth running